Thursday, 25 July 2013

MVP created and testing

Hi guys, 
I am so excited about the MVP (minimum viable product) I made for my business idea/ dissertation. 

Here they are. I'm doing a A/B split test, as you can see I wrote A on one bag and B on the other. I've given it to 4 people so far! This photo was taken when I was in Pizza Express with my friend hence the menus lol. 

I spent about £50 on 9 items. Why so expensive? Well because they are all from planet organic, and you know organic products are always expensive. Why did I buy organic products? Because that's what my business idea is about. It was the chia seed that cost me the most, £14.99 for a big pack. But anyways this is just an MVP, in time I will look for a cheaper way to do it to increase the profit margin. 

When I gave them to my friends, they were all so excited. =D I'm giving them a week to try them out, then I will do a face to face interview with them to get feedback. 

I'm still looking for people to do the test. Anyone interested? :) 

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