Sunday, 21 July 2013

Goals for next two weeks

Hi everyone, hope you're all enjoying this lovely hot weather. And for those who's also doing their dissertation, how is it going?

I just had a look at the calendar and counted the number of weeks left and OH MY WORLD!! 6 weeks left!!! I have very little time left. I haven't even written ONE word. Lol. But to make myself feel better, our dissertation is different to other dissertations. We have to do a lot of market research and tests before writing. Well that's an excuse really. =p

I was supposed to fill in a progress report on Friday, but totally forgot about it. I just did it though lol

Anyways, my next step is to do a demo of the service (MVP), A/B split test, create a landing page, and starting selling- as Rob Fitzpatrick, one of the mentors, has suggested. I almost forgot... and update my lean canvas!

The next goal is to get feedback from at least 5 people who tried the demo and maybe make £20 in the next 2 weeks? Lol. 

I also need to do some work for literature review, and start writing something! Researching is actually quite tiring. I spent 2 hours in the British Library last week and it wasn't easy. One because there were too much stuff available so you don't know where to start. Two it's just draining. 

That's it for now, thanks for reading. Blog later! 

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