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That's me in the picture. I'm Cilia and I'm studying Msc Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL. For those who know me probably know I have another blog where I talk about beauty, fashion, food and many more other things I find interesting. Please do check it out and follow me if you like! www.missyungquainth.com

What is this blog about and why did I name it The Startup Life Began at 24? 

This blog is about my life at UCL and my startup journey. I started this not to just talk about my life at UCL but I want to talk about what I learnt and how I progressed to setting up a business. So it won't just be about things within UCL but also things I did related to entrepreneurship- events I attended outside university, group meetings, guest speakers at UCL and many more. Basically like a diary that I can look back on.

I named it The Startup Life Began at 24 because I was 24 when I started this course and working on business ideas.

There are two meanings to this title;
1. 'My startup life' as in the journey of starting a business/company
2. 'My startup life' as in a new chapter of my life has started at 24.

For those who don't know what a 'Startup' is, it is "a temporary organization working towards a business model that is scalable, repeatable and profitable." (Nicole Willson)

Well...I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!And please feel free to leave comments,opinions, suggestions, questions, advice, etc  ^.^ 

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