Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wordpress tutorial

Hi everyone, this post is not me giving a Wordpress tutorial but just a recap on what we did in our Business Feasibility Planning (BFP) class. A class mate asked me if I could blog about it as he couldn't keep up lol. So I agreed to do it. I'm glad to hear that I have readers and they are using my blog as a guide? lol

Last week and this week's BFP lesson were just about building a minimal viable product (MVP) using Wordpress. Itxaso invited Chris Skitch, CEO of Didgeroo, a web design agency, to teach us how to use Wordpress.

A brief guide

To choose your desired landing page
Settings--> Reading--> Select Static page--> Choose the front page--> choose the page you want your posts to appear---> save changes

Create a category
Posts--->Category-->Enter the name of the category--> Add new Category

Posts to appear on specific pages
Add new posts--->fill the title and content---> on the right, Categories box, tick the category/ies you want the posts to appear in--->publish

Menu (The tab pages)
Appearance---> Menu-->delete default--> create menu (+)--> bottom left look for pages box and select the pages you want on the menu--> to change the order just drag the bars-->select category if you want--> save menu

Appearance--> Widgets-->Main side bar is what you have on your page, drag and drop what you want.

If you can't find the widget you want, go to pluggins.

 Setting--->Permalink--> select the format you want your link to appear (post is probably the best one)---> Save changes

SEO- Headspace

Pluggins---> Search for Headspace 2--> install---> activate--> you should find it under setting--> click on head space---> site module (at the top)---> tick google webmaster-->on a new page open> sign in-->on the right there should be a red button "add a site"click on it-->add your site url-->

Then I sort of forgot what happened after lol. but I think you go back to

wordpress-->pluggins--> search for sitemap.xml--> select simple sitemap--> go back to google webmaster---> select the site you added-->you are now on the the dashboard, on the top right click on "add site map"-->enter "sitemap.xml-->submit sitemap-->you should then have a tracking ID which is at the top--->copy that and paste it to wordpress- google analytics, account ID--> Save.

I think that's it. lol. Bryan was doing all the work during the lesson and I was just taking notes. Hope this helps people.


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    1. Hey! Thanks for the message. Of course I would. I love beauty too. I have another blog that is about that and other things. Follow that one if you want

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