Monday, 28 January 2013

Decision Decision Decision

Hi guys, this is going to be a short post. In the last two weeks I have made quite a few decisions.

Decision 1
I am no longer a co-founder of Share & Wear. I have left. Cut the long story short. Not sure if I've mentioned in my previous post about the modules this semester, basically this semester the modules aim to help us to work on a real business idea. Roxy and Nele obviously wanted to use Share & Wear but I wanted to work on another idea at the same time for the course but the girls said it doesn't make sense for me to be a co-founder of two start-ups. So they made a generous offer to me. Instead of being a co-founder, they will pay me to be the marketing manager in exchange for their knowledge (e.g. how to use photoshop, illustrator,etc) and other professional knowledge.  And no, I didn't take on the offer. Why? (or maybe you're thinking 'nor would I')Well, after asking a couple of UCL mentors, they said if you don't enjoy working with the team its better to leave early. I didn't enjoy working with them because there were quite a few things we couldn't agree on. We have totally different tastes. Anyways, yes I allowed them to have my ideas for free- name, logo and other little bits and pieces- Lol. =p

Decision 2
Bryan, Benjamin and I (BCB is what I'm going to call us lol) changed our business idea from the online Oriental games to cycle phone dock. We decided that the online game market is too difficult and competitive. We felt that not many people would commit to a game for a long time. The cycle phone dock will have a charging feature, and will be placed on the handle bars in front of the cyclists. The idea is to try to aim at Barclays Cycle Hire customers.

Decision 3
We changed the business idea again, from cycle phone dock to online education platform. iEducase. This is Benjamin's idea. We changed it because our lecturer Chris said he can't see the pain point and it is not doable. I hope we won't change our idea again as it is week 4 now lol. Seriously, all these coming up with a an idea that solves a problem, coming up with hypotheses, etc are a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I will update you guys with our progress on iEducase and I will tell you guys later what exactly iEducase is. Stayed tuneddddd!!

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