Sunday, 13 January 2013

Back to school!

Hi guys, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year's. I did, this year was the best ever!

Before Uni started...

The break was so good, and I have gotten so lazy. I planned to revise all the lecture notes and start reading the Strategy Safari book but never got round to it lol. After all the hard work the break was like heaven. It was so hard for me and my Finance group to start the group assignment which was given to complete over the holidays. We met up after New Year's, on the 3rd (this assignment was meant to be due on 7th) to discuss about the work, we were chatting more than working and taking our time. Lol.

On Friday night (4th January) Nele texted me and Roxy that she is making a video for the Seedcamp application and the deadline is 8th January... Ermm ok I would have thought an earlier notice would be good lol but never mind.

She said we need to come up with a logo to put in our video. So that night when I went to bed, my mind was just trying to create a logo. And *DING!* the great idea popped up- well I think it's good anyway lol. I had an idea of a hanger with 'SW' hanging on it. I instantly jumped out of my bed and drew it out to see how it looked and texted the girls about it. They liked it and we are now using it. =D See below.

Share & Wear Logo
Nele created it using Illustrator. The font style and the colours used were not my idea, just the concept. You like? I don't like the font style though. I don't know about you but it somehow reminds me of Jurassic Park and Warner Bros, lol! I showed my brother and he said the writing seems like a title of a horror movie. With the choice of colour, I did a mini survey on Facebook asking people what colour they felt that represents chic, social and fun. Purple was the most popular one so maybe that's why Nele used it otherwise I believe she would have used dark grey as she feels grey is elegant, the title Share & Wear is also grey. See below,.

New logo title

Old logo title

Back to school...

This semester the modules we will be studying are; Entrepreneurial marketing, New Venture Analytics, Business Feasibility Planning (BFP) and Managing high tech organisations.

 Marketing and BFP will be focusing on a real business idea; the modules will help and guide us towards execution. You might have thought I would be doing Share & Wear but no. I don't want to be restricted to one idea so I decided to team up with different people to work on another idea. I want to make the most of my time at UCL and learn more things. Different business idea will allow an individual learn and experience different things. Share & Wear would be a project I'm working on the side. So what about Roxy and Nele? They are going to do it as part of the course and are recruiting another person to work on it.

As it is the first week back, nothing special happened. Speak to you later...well blog later.

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