Friday, 8 February 2013

We present you, iEducase!

Hello all! Thanks for reading. As promised previously, this post will be about the progress of the new idea, iEducase, I am working on with two talented guys in my class, Bryan and Benjamin.

In the past couple of  weeks, in our BFP class we've been building the MVP (Minimal viable product) using Wordpress. We are required to create 2 static pages, 3 dynamic pages, a Twitter, SEO and Google analytic pluggins, all these are due on 11th February. I am pleased to say we've done it! Yay!! lol. Please please pleaseeeee check it out and give us some feedback, we NEED feedback.
There are some sections not fully completed yet. I must say I quite enjoyed working with WordPress. I can use the stuff I learnt for my parent's business website.

What is iEducase?
iEducase is an online educational platform designed for students who have learning difficulties like dyslexia, students who are visual learners, or just simple looking for a short cut to reading a long case study. We make case studies into videos, making it quicker, more enjoyable to study and more effective learning.

The Team
Like the previous idea I was working on with Roxy and Nele, our team is very diverse in terms of ethnicity, education background, experience, skills and age? Bryan is Vietnamese, Benjamin is Indian/ German and I'm Chinese.

For our marketing class we were supposed to come up with at least 9 hypotheses and had about 4 weeks to test them. Well in this period of time, we changed our idea twice and so only managed to test 5 hypotheses 5 out of 15. lol. Better than nothing I guess. Our value proposition hypotheses are;

  • iEducase would minimise the time to study case studies
  • iEducase would create a better way of learning for those students with learning difficulties/disabilities e.g. dyslexia.
Revenue Stream Hypothesis:
  • Students are happy to pay for a small one-off fee for each each study.
So far the first two are valid but not the latter.

Moving on...

On Wednesday (6th Feb), we had to deliver an elevator pitch during BFP class. We had to present the problem we have identified and our proposed solution, the 3 main minimum feature of our MVP.

We got some awesome feedback, the mentors and Itxaso like our idea. Score!! Itxaso suggested we should maybe start off create studies on UCL alumni who have startups. Great idea. And guess what 2 alumni have already agreed to corporate with us! A couple of classmates said that they would definitely used iEducase if it means less time to read and have more time to go out/ go out for drink in the pub. But a couple of classmates were so confused with our idea. One of them asked a question to clarify the idea but he still didn't understand. He had a really funny confused look! lol.

Next step
We haven't got a logo yet, Benjamin is working on it. Once its done we will upload it onto our website.
We are looking for students to trial the service and to interview to test our hypotheses. So if you're interested  please go to and subscribe.

I'll  be back!

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