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Share N Wear- Our Business Idea

Hi everyone, as promised this post is about the business idea I am working on with Roxy and Nele who both are from my TE class. As this is the first post about it I will start from the very beginning, and I will update you guys on this blog as we progress.


The logo title above was designed and created by Nele. What do you think? You like? I don't like the colour grey. To me grey makes things look dull and boring but Nele said she thinks it looks elegant. Ok then. Well I guess Share n Wear are still in its early stages, we can always re-brand.

What is it?
Share N Wear is a social fashion network, where users can give and receive styling advise from friends. Each user will have a virtual wardrobe where they can upload images of the clothes that they own in their real wardrobe. Share N Wear will be based on a mobile and web platform.

How did it all happen?
This is Roxy's idea and as I said in my previous posts I teamed up with her to work on this idea for the E-challenge. Nele joined us a couple of weeks later. It is so weird how I ended up working with Roxy. I remember just before university started, Roxy posted on the TE Facebook group saying she is looking for co-founders to work on a fashion idea. I saw it and ignored it because I was lacking confident at the time even though fashion is one of my passion. But I don't think she mentioned that it was virtual wardrobe idea. She told me about this idea later on when we officially met and started talking in university.

An example of the avatar-by Nele
 At first I didn't want to take part in the E-challenge because I didn't have an idea or a team and no confident. With encouragement from the lecturers and the things I've learnt from the course, my confident was building up. I thought to myself, I have got to make the most of my time here and I will learn a lot from taking part in this E-challenge whether the business idea will be a success or not. I decided to ask Roxy if she was happy to work with me on her idea. She was overwhelmed. Originally she wasn't working on Share N Wear, she teamed up with a few people in our class to work on a business idea based on smart home technology (for the E-challenge). So she obviously left that group and worked on this idea.

The Name
Share N Wear wasn't the first name we came up with. There were a few; Style Me, Me & my Wardrobe, Dress me and some others which I've forgotten.

I told my boyfriend about this idea and that we were struggling to think of a good name for it. As usual my boyfriend used his creativity and came up with Wear and Share. I thought that was a great name and the girls liked it too. We later changed it to Share N Wear because the order of the concept is sharing the clothes first then the user will wear it.

E-challenge was split into two phases; first was to do a 5 minute pitch which took place in October and second was to write a business plan and pitch about it which took place in December. We took part in both and didn't win any of the phases =(

However, we did better in the second phase as we were more prepared and made an effort with our outfits. Nele made some really good mock ups; she made an avatar of each of us and we dressed exactly same as them at the 2nd phase. Tim Barnes (the judge) noticed it, he was like "you're wearing what the avatars are wearing" Lol.. See below (there's an error, I couldn't find the one Nele made for me. I didn't wear that red jacket and those brown boots. I was wearing a cream blazer and black thigh high boots.);

A shot of our temporary website with mock ups
Nele has set up a Facebook page and website for Share N Wear.
Please check them out:

Post E-challenge/ our next steps
We have found a developer to create his social network so watch this space!
We are negotiating with fashion brands to use our platform and promote their clothes.

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