Saturday, 13 April 2013

My Dissertation topic

Hi guys! It's been a month since I blogged here at Startup at 24. I have been revising...or shall I say TRYING to revise for my exams coming up in May. I've written a timetable to make sure I fit everything in, I hope I will follow it lol. I have 4 exams so that's not too bad and the good thing is they are spread out.

Anyways, the main thing I wanted to talk about is my dissertation topic. I have sorted it out! Itxaso is a well connected person, she has tonnes of contacts from different industries. I said I want to do my dissertation on health or beauty and she helped me find a beauty startup called Glow. (Its a mobile app that connects beauticians and customers - won't tell you the full details yet) She made an introduction for me via email to the founders. They are two girls, Thais and Kaska, who previously studied at Imperial college for their MBA (I don't remember the exact name of the degree, I think its Innovation entrepreneurship), and Itxaso was one of the guest lecturers there which is how she met them.

I've met with Thais last week to discuss about the stage of their startup and what I could do my dissertation on at the same time that could help them. They have developed a mobile app MVP however they have not gone through the customer development; testing hypotheses, interviewing customers, etc. She said Imperial does not teach the same methodology as UCL- Imperial doesn't teach about the lean startup- so she doesn't really know about the customer development process. Therefore we both decided that I could be working on the customer development side of their startup. I will be meeting Kaska this week, didn't get to meet her last week as she was away.

I am actually looking forward in working with them because I am working on something that I am passionate about lol. Everything I'm doing at UCL is just 10 times better than at Westminster! I'm not talking in terms of reputation, its obvious the reputation is a lot better lol. I'm talking in terms of the things I'm doing. I didn't really enjoy studying Criminology and Economics, I only studied it because I went through clearing and didn't know what else to study. I only enjoyed half of the modules we studied back then. My dissertation topic back then was although my choice but wasn't my biggest passion, I did something about the music industry. But fingers crossed hopefully I will do well in this dissertation and will earn me some big opportunities after I graduate.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back very soon!

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