Saturday, 16 March 2013

Our Startup Idea, iEducase has pivoted... Again.

Hiya. I said I will update you guys on iEducase every week but I failed to do so. A lot has changed since the last post. We have pivoted again. In fact we pivoted twice in the last 3 weeks.

We first scrapped the video case study idea because 2 of our lecturer do not see it as a good idea and don't see it will create value or solve the pain point. They also said universities will hate it because its encouraging the students to be lazy. Lol!

However, we disagree as we are students ourselves and sometimes would like a shortcut to reading. We do believe it is novel, lol! Anyways so we then came up with 3 ideas and since we were in week 7 (we have 10 teaching weeks) we decided to test them at the same time.

1. Audio book for case studies
2. Make iEducase into a recruiting platform where companies will post real or made up problems for students and graduates to solve.
3. Make sketch note videos for finance lectures

The audio book idea was suggested by a classmate. To test it, I simply recorded one of the Managing High-Technology class' case study that we had to read for week 8. I read out the whole case study, took me almost an hour. Reading out loud for an hour isn't easy at all, your mouth gets dry and tired. Haha!

I then posted on TE's Facebook group ( our course's Facebook group) and asked my class mates to try it out. But not many did. I tried it out myself, and it didn't work for me at all. I kept fidgeting and kept thinking about other stuff lol. I got the same feedback from 2 classmates.

To test the 2nd idea, Benjamin phoned consultancy companies to find out what problems they have with recruiting, and their thoughts on our idea. None of them were interested. They are what you would call 'Early Majorities' because they wouldn't try it unless some other companies have tried it and have benefited from it.

The third one was suggested by Dave our lecturer, he said Alan our previous finance lecturer has been trying to animate his lectures and is working on creating e-learning materials. However, apparently he isn't doing very well with it. So suggested us speaking to him and use his materials as a starting point and possibly corporate with him.

Week 8.
We had a 3 hour meeting and scrapped all three ideas. We came down with a new idea...again... a much better idea. Well we feel more confident about anyways. It's a one stop shop platform for learning resources. It's not entirely new it's still to do with education.

What is it about?
All universities have moodle/ blackboard/ intranet to communicate with students regarding the learning resources. However, although that is the platform for student to find learning resources but most of the time the resources recommended by lecturers are on another website. So students click on the links, they  get directed to another website. So opens up a new window/ tab. Then maybe they will have to either create a new account or log in. Basically, the problem we are trying to solve is having to navigate to numerous websites to obtain learning resources can be long and time wasting and having to log in to different academic websites is annoying. The solution is linking all the learning resources to one platform which is iEducase. We've created a video for it to explain it, see below.

Week 9
We were more proactive this week. The meetings were more productive. We create a survey and distributed it to students over Facebook. We create a video using scribble book, an App that Ben used for the previous video. And of course I did the voice over, so you will hear my voice again...

For BFP class, we are required to create MVPs for the business idea; a website, mock up of a mobile prototype and a Facebook app.

We've created the website but since we have pivoted we need to modify it to make it look like a one stop platform, that's Bryan's job. I've created a mock up of the mobile prototype using Balsamiq- a software that they suggested us to use as it was created by a UCL alumni- and Ben has created the Facebook app. Scroll down for all these.

The results of the survey has validated some of our hypotheses. And it's great! However, up to this stage we still haven't 'got out of the building' to interview customers lol. Regarding the survey results, many have said that the process of obtaining learning resources is long and time wasting. They would also find it helpful if everything was in one place and only needs one single log in.

Mobile Prototype- just a couple of screen shots of it

Facebook App

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