Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day at London web summit 2013

Hiya! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. This post will be about my day volunteering at London web summit.

London Web summit is the largest tech conference in Europe and it was taking place at The Brewery on Friday 1st March.

Just a quick summary of the event programme. There were an exhibition area for all the start ups, a room for speed-dating (my lecturer Itxaso was there, she's a Venture Capitalist). Whilst all that were going on there was a startup competition where each startup has to pitch about their idea to the judges, this took place between 9am to 12pm. The winner was Flubit, an online shopping site. The CEO of Flubit, Bertie Stephens explains that their goal is to;

“provide online shoppers with a platform that will enable them to seek out the best possible price on an item they wish to purchase.”

“Right now, online shops spam consumers with deals and discounts that they guess you might want. We’re changing that by adopting a demand-led model, where we give consumers a lower offer for a product we know they want to buy,” 

 Between 3pm and 4:30pm there were tech talks, some kind of workshop. In the main stage, there interviews with with various CEOs and founders, speakers included; Mike Lynch (founder of Invoke Capital), Joanna Shield (CEO of Tech City Investment Organisation), Matt Mullenweg (Founder of Automatic), Shakil Khan (Head of Special Projects of Spotify), Jeff Lawson (Founder and CEO of Twilio), Danae Ringleman (Co-founder of Indiegogo) and many more. (Sorry the list is too long to write. Lol!)

Most volunteers had to arrive at 7am but I arrived at 8am. ^.^"
Every volunteer were assigned to different roles and I was assigned to work at the foyer, handing out brochures and greeting the guests. Fun I know.... But we had regular breaks where we could wander around   to network, watch the competition and talks.

The Reception

My wristband

Pauline and I

There was a robot there that everyone were obsessed with. It was a bit cheesy to be honest lol.

Interviews with the CEOs and founders in the main stage

Startup Competition, Kreditech one of the finalist

A caricature of me!!

During my break I walked around the exhibition area and saw a lady drawing caricatures of people for FREE.  Here's mine, took about 10 minutes. I don't really like it. I know I'm goofy but she exaggerated that lol!

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