Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Start up progress

Hiya, its been while since I blogged about my start up journey. I can say its not easy and there are lots of logistics but the biggest tasks I've done so far is registering the business and creating a landing page- Please check it out :) and sign up up if you want to receive updates.

Before creating the landing page, I had to create a background image for the page. Initially I thought I'll just google some images. I couldn't find anything I like or represent Tudi Foodie so I decided to create it myself since I have so many exotic ingredients at home- we Chinese people tend to have loads of it, half of our kitchen cupboards are filled with a variety of beans, herbal products, dried fungus (yes fungus lol but they are really good for you ), and many other dry ingredients. Here's a print screen of my landing page. The landing page is powdered by Launch Rock, a really good website to help you build your landing page. Launch Rock was recommended by my course and other mentors.

After the mini photo shoot, the clearing up went a bit disastrous. I went to grab the big container of black rice but didn't realise the lid wasn't on properly and the rice had fallen everywhere. Luckily its dry ingredients otherwise my mum would kill me for messing up her carpet lol. 

I've also set up a Facebook page (, Twitter account (@Tudi_foodie) and Instagram @tudi_foodie, please like and follow :) 

My next step is to get a logo, I'm going to use CrowdSPRING, a crowd sourced logo design website. I'm currently working on the designs of the packaging.

That's it for now! Thanks for reading! 

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