Thursday, 22 August 2013

Disso progress: A chance to Pitch to investors

Hello people! Today was has been an extremely productive day, I've been working on my dissertation for 12 hours almost none stop and am now on 12k words. I was really focused and was just in that working mode from 9am listening to some relaxing/yoga music, I actually downloaded them today to keep myself focused and it actually worked. Oh btw well done to those who got their GCSEs results.

So what's been happening in past 3 weeks, I think it was three weeks ago since I last blogged. Anyways, here are the highlights:

  • I contacted 2 healthy/food bloggers to test my MVP
  • One of the bloggers  introduced me to her sister and her friend who is a massive foodie and a food blogger to test my MVP
  • I also gave one sample to another class mate and to my mentor's fiancĂ©
  • I've completed all customer interviews, finally!
I really hope I will get a distinction for dissertation as this is the final chance to graduate with a distinction!!! Some of you may think does it matter what you get if you're considering of doing your own business? True the grade doesn't matter, but the fact I paid £10k for this course I would like to aim for the best. I remember in semester one, one of my lecturer told us not to stress about the courseworks because they are JUST courseworks. Lol.

The dissertation is due next Friday, seriously where did the time go?!! I know I keep saying that lol. Before handing the dissertation in there's a presentation on Wednesday which I think is 10% of our final mark. We will be marked by our mentor and supervisor. And that's not it, since this is an entrepreneurship course we get the chance to pitch our business ideas to investors on the same day. But... only 10 students get to pitch. During the presentation the mentors will decide who can pitch.

Initially, I wasn't sure if I should pitch because my business idea is such at an early stage. But my supervisor insisted ( she also pointed her finger at me) that I should pitch. Even if I'm not raising money, I will need to tell them I would be in the next few months. Exciting hey? I'm usually fine with presentations but I'm actually quite nervous already about the pitch, I think it's because this is the first time pitching and it is the real deal. Ok, I know I haven't even been picked yet. Actually this isn't the first time, I pitched at the E-challenge when I was doing Share N Wear.

Anyways, that's it for now. Thanks for reading. Good luck to you if you're also working on your dissertation.

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